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Are you READY for Positive Change for 1/2 Price???

Join me and transform the way you think and feel day to day!

>>>ESTABLISH a way of thinking that creates happiness, success, and abundance in your life.   

>>>LEARN the keys to effective communication and become a top influencer.  

>>>SKYROCKET your confidence so you STAND OUT everywhere you go. 

>>>TAKE BACK control of your calendar, so you OWN your day instead of your day owning you.  


ONE low price of $37!!

Take your life to the NEXT LEVEL of success.


I see you.  I understand you.  I have been you.

Do you want to stop thinking something negative about yourself, because it impacts your mood for the rest of the day?

Do you want to stop constantly questioning what people think of you?

Do you want to stop suffering because you compare yourself to others?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like everyone else "has it all together," but you struggle?

Do you crave a schedule that doesn't have you being pulled in 5643768 directions?

Do you want to feel like you can get it all done without sacrifice?

Everyday I help high performers just like you to transform their negative habits that are holding them back, and guide them to true happiness and success, personally and professionally.

In this 4 week self-study course 4 Core C's for Positive Change you will get:

>> 4 Workbooks All downloadable PDF's filled with information and juicy goodies to create thoughts, feelings, and actions that help you to discover the best version of you.  You will receive ALL of them the moment you commit, allowing you to work at your own pace. (PDF's range from 10-23 pages.)


>>>Week One: Consciousness<<<

***Learn about thoughts

***Discover your unique thought habits and how they impact you 

***Create awareness around your thought triggers and how to overcome them 

***Develop ways to create thoughts that serve you and your success 

***How to overcome thoughts that hold you back 

>>>Week Two: Communication<<<

***7 key components to effective communication 

>>>Week Three: Confidence<<< 

***Understand confidence 

***Grow your courage and confidence

***My FAVORITE 5 steps to building confidence 

***Own your expertise 

***Learn tips and tricks to act confidently in ANY situation 

>>>Week Four: Calendar Control<<< 

***Establish your priorities 

***Get all your obligations out in the open 

***How to get organized 

***Learn the power of delegation 

***Master your calendar 

***Find MORE time


As a Certified High Performance Coach, Sara brings people from where they are to where they want to be, personally and professionally. She helps people who yearn to stop eyeing others with envy, to become the version of themselves that makes others turn their head and take notice. She empowers people to stop feeling as if they are just going through the motions, and challenges them to reignite their passion for life. Together, she helps clients break through barriers that are holding them back, by building a customized personal path for success and fulfillment.
Having spent years studying psychology, self-confidence, communication, time management, and high performance habits, Sara knows the skills necessary to live an incredible quality of life. Sara is a coach, speaker, writer, kindness and gratitude advocate, and total book nerd. Sara has been featured as a guest expert in coaching programs and virtual summits, as well as being an active contributor to writing platforms. Sara believes everyone deserves more in life and her dynamic coaching style creates noteworthy results.

Sara's motto:

"BE more. ACHIEVE more. GIVE more. LIVE more."
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